Hello and Good Day to our Sticks family!

We would like to thank you for your interest in
participating in the community charity foundation.

Our team wants you to be a part of this
project on a deeper level. We want you to be
able to help other people using the allocated
funds for the charitable cause

We want to reach as many countries as we could. The team will search for volunteers from different parts of the globe and do a screening process to avoid mishaps such as scammers. We want the funds to reach the rightful and honest people.

Funds that the volunteer receives will be used to help people in need. Specifically people :

1. Who are unable to work because of disabilities.
2. Orphans and
3. Old person/s abandoned by their families.

To be able to participate and receive funds you should:

1. Hold at least (1) Sticks Society NFT-must be able to present proof of purchase (Transaction ID, Screenshot of wallet holding the NFT)
2. Be an active community member-reach at least level 8 on discord
3. Have a qualified candidate

After distribution we will require you to provide proof of action.
This could be:

1. Receipts
2. Photos
3. Videos (Preferably) both volunteer and candidate must agree to be shown on videos. We will guide you on the procedure.

If you are chosen, you will have an interview with our team member. We can do this live on discord or twitter space

The process will be well documented and interviews will be recorded (with your permission). A Youtube channel will be created to compile all data of the charity process.

With your help, we will be able to help people in need across borders and raise awareness to Cardano Network.

All volunteers who were able to successfully participate on the process will be receiving a token of appreciation from our Team


STEP 1: Collect all Volunteers

STEP 2: Screening process

STEP 3: Interview

STEP 4: Release Funds

STEP 5: Proof of Action

STEP 6: Receive Token of Appreciation from the Team